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DDH Branding Consultancy was born in Amsterdam in 2005. At the time when industry was changing rapidly, DDH founders saw an opportunity to do things differently. Since then we continuously search for better ways for brands to engage with consumers, companies to develop brands and our agency to challenge them do so.

DDH takes consumer brands on a journey with focus on delivering measurable business growth. We bring inquiring minds to a project, putting clients, products and target audiences under the microscope. We partner with business to create deeper, stronger brands.

We are not just an agency for graphic adjustments. DDH seamlessly combines expertise in brand strategy and identity development, naming, product, packaging and service design but also retail and digital branding. DDH manages to blend talent and professionalism, as well as find perfect balance between strategy and creativity.

We learn each day to stay ahead of the market and deliver greater business value! We'll be glad to be your sparring partner and we'll make sure your brand leads a successful and exciting life.

Your DDH Branding Consultancy Team

Consumer Branding
Consumer branding helps create recognition, consumer loyalty and positive reputation for a specific product. Distinctive packaging design and putting emphasis on particular products' USP's — are common practices in our work.
Corporate Branding
We work together with our clients to define strategy, approach and a plan to create maximum brand awareness and brand image. Corporate branding helps communicate your company as the best provider of particular services.
By making a plan and outlining the main steps, DDH Branding Consultancy helps companies achieve brand insistence, using proven brand strategy techniques to create robust brands that build and sustain trust.

In the digital age we need to introduce, explain and differentiate in order to build a trustful and long-term brands. Being the "brand guardians" for the brands we work with, we offer SMM services which adds on to creating brand personality, image and influence.
Retail Branding
Retail branding is a set of clear visual identification, successful naming, impressive design, architectural and engineering developments that allow you to differentiate your brand from all others in the certain trading space.
Zhiguli Barnoe
Due to its international business presence and dynamic development of the market, «Re-Vision» required a renewed visual identity. DDH Branding Consultancy was invited to come up with a more contemporary thumbnail kind of logo, symbol and corporate style, answering to the present unique characteristics of the company.
Lidskaye Radler
Lidskaye Radler is beer super hit of the summer season. Fresh design with large, juicy fruits perfectly conveys the natural and refreshing character of the drink. Both Radlers consist of finest Lidskaye special beer and natural mint/lime or lemon juice.
Trekhgornoe Spartak Legends
«Spartak Moscow» is the most popular and titled football club in Russia. That's why «Spartak Legends» collection series from «Trekhgornoe» brand is a real gift for all «Spartak» fans. The series features four legendary football players, who were bringing honor and titles for «Spartak» in different eras.
5th Ocean
«5th Ocean» is a premium brand for true beer connoisseurs. Its refined design and bottle shape combined with power branding. «5th Ocean» is of the rare beers that are being fermented in a bottle, which makes it a buried treasure.
Hoop is a drink for a good mood. Rapidly breaking into the Russian market, it quickly became a superhit among children and students, an active adult audience and even truckers who chose Hoop for long trips. A wide range of tastes, original face of the brand and great new colors!
Lidskaye Kriek
«Lidskaye brewery» has established itself as one of the most advanced and innovative companies in Europe. One of the surprises of the 2017 spring season was the new light «Kriek» beer, widely known for its "cherry" origin.
Wolf's Brewery Collection
«Volkovskaya Brewery» is a dream come true of one of the most innovative and revolutionary brewers of Russia. «Volkovskaya» design is an authoritative presentation showing the humour, fun and craftsmanship combined together to develop the modern beer brand.
«Sochniy» — a juice brand for those who care about family and health. A market leaders in Belarus for the last 8 years, «Sochniy» products are heading the list of the favorite national brands. DDH refreshed the design without losing the brand character and developed a new logo and food-zone.
«Khamovniki» is one of the oldest and most respected beer brands since that takes its roots from the 19th century. A brand reborn in 2008 pushed the authentic and premium trend. The iconic «Khamovniki» bottle replicates the 19th century original glass bottle.
Lidskaye Master Collection
Since 2014 «Lidskaye brewery» produce collection series, inspired by different beer cultures from around the world. In 2017 brand series is called «Master Collection». The series design is completely out of images. It's composed only with letters and numbers, which is a real breakthrough for the youngster audience.
Who doesn't know «Kruzhka» restaurant? One of the most popular Russian sport bars has developed its own brand of beer in a new design. Keeping the top quality of «Kruzhka» beer together with the best characteristics of plastic packaging, this specialty will be a good choice to share with friends! «Kruzhka» is also available in glass.
Trekhgornoe Ale Collection
«Trekhgornoe» beer brand is a real triumph of its packaging. Without any communication support «Trekhgornoe» became the best-selling ale in Russia only because of unique packaging (given by Nielsen statistics). Bottle with a handle is a real brand symbol which exactly repeats the origin of 1875.
West Qurna 2
«West Qurna-2» is one of the world's largest and most innovative oil fields. It is one of the best examples of multinational cooperation, teamwork and progress. DDH converted all the main project values in developing its corporate identity, taking into consideration the cultural differences, history and background of the project.
ReVision Retail Technologies
Due to its international business presence and dynamic development of the market, «Re-Vision» required a renewed visual identity. DDH Branding Consultancy was invited to come up with a more contemporary thumbnail kind of logo, symbol and corporate style, answering to the present unique characteristics of the company.
DOC Research Institute
DOC Research Institute is a think tank that researches and develops proposals that address the key challenges faced by the international community. A short name «DOC» developed by DDH Branding Consultancy characterizes top-quality expertise as well as the unity of independent opinions.
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